Shardul Sangal
Senior Vice President
So honoured to be associated with APNELOG and proud to contribute back to Children who need time, guidance, some Support, and lots of love.
Rakesh Malhotra
Vice President
Great initiative and commitment to change the lives of many children. Very inspiring. Well done Umesh and team! Keep up the excellent work.
Mukesh Gupta
Vice President
This is so inspiring Umesh Khushwaha. great initiative, which remains only in mind with many of us. kudos to you to make it happen and bring light and hope in many eyes... Keep it up!!
Saurabh Goyal
Assistant Vice President
Completely echo your sentiments Rajiv. APNELOG, as the NGO is named, it stands out to support the education and empowerment of the lesser privileged children some of them who either do not have a mother or a father or both. Through this, I would also like to encourage the fortunate team of Infogain to help Umesh and his team in whatever way they can. Kudos to you Umesh. Keep up the momentum.
Ramendeep Singh
Assistant Vice President
Keep going Umesh.... Great work as always.
Alok Singhai
Kudos to Umesh Khushwaha!! Inspirational work for street children’s Education and well being!! Proud to have colleagues like you.
Arun Sharma
General Manager
Umesh Khushwaha I am really Blessed & Honoured!!! Thanks Rajiv Naithani & Charu1 Sharma for giving him such beautiful platform.
Upakul Barkakaty
Senior Architect
Congratulations Umeshji for the fantastic initiatives, with Street to School and now with the great job of supporting poor families during the lockdown. Kudos!
Sravan Kumar
General Manager
Umesh Khushwaha Very happy to read the complete story... As you continue the good work, lot of us following you.... Always at home with you and Apne Log…
Deepak Kushwaha
Program Manager
Those who educate underprivileged children are more to be honoured than they who produce them. Awesome work Umesh! Great contribution from Rajiv Naithani and Charu for helping Umesh via this platform.
Umesh Naik
Program Manager
Salute to You Umesh Khushwaha ji !!!! Keep up the Great Work !!
Rohit Aggarwal
Program Manager
Getting great inspiration from you Umesh. God bless you.
Rashmi Gupta
Program Manager
You are a true inspiration Umesh ji. Feel blessed to know you and being associated with you.
Rajan Narayanasamy
Senior Project Manager
Great Work Umesh Khushwaha.
Alok Kumar Mishra
Senior Project Manager
Great work Umesh Khushwaha
Shalini Choudhery
Senior Project Manager
Absolutely amazing work Umesh Khushwaha. Continue with this gr8 job if serving humanity!
Deepak Gupta
Senior Project Manager
Umesh ji you are simply a true soul.. I am feeling speech less on your great work for humanity. God bless your kids. Great work done.